COAXIAL: MONTOTO DESIGN is an architectural and design practice founded professor Román Montoto, architect ncarb with a focus on commissions, consultations, and collaborations in Wisconsin and Illinois.  The goal of the practice transcends distinctions between experimentation in academia and services in professional practice.  After many years of experience in both the academics and professional practice of architecture, it became clear that design knowledge, technique, and strategy from one could, and should, support the other in a way that advanced the practice of the discipline.  Here, the academic design studio emerges as a laboratory where hypothesis, experimentation, and critique reveal unique possibilities for practice.  The result allows the primary elements to any architectural design problem (people, place, function, experience, etc.) to charge the practice with co-axial synergies.  Creative and experimental freedoms catalyze the pursuit of spatial, material, and experiential compositions for architectural design in service to client needs with innovative resolve.  While the focus of project type is residential and small scale retail & commercial, the methodology and capability of COAXIAL: MONTOTO DESIGN is suitable for a broad spectrum of project types.

Professor Román Montoto, architect ncarb studied architecture and art history & criticism in his hometown of Milwaukee, WI at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; earning a BA, BSAS, and MArch.  He is a licensed architect in Wisconsin and Illinois with NCARB certification and had served as a professor of architecture in the College of Art & Architecture at the University of Idaho for 15 years.  He now holds a faculty position at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design as professor of Interior Architecture + Design. With over 20 years of experience in both architectural practice and academia, Román has been involved in a wide variety of nationally & internationally recognized writings, presentations, and projects. 

In additional to the description above, COAXIAL refers to the multi-disciplined nature of the practice (graphic, time-based, and architectural).  With architecture as the primary disciplinary spine, the trans-disciplinary approach of the practice requires that intimate understandings of client needs and conditions are established for arriving at design solutions that carry innovative resolution.  This allows the work of  COAXIAL to transcend disciplinarity; finding unique solutions for the needs of 2-, 3-, and 4-dimensional challenges.

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